Fun Videos for Your Kids—Dance, Sing, and Play Games!

Go online and click into adventure with new Chuck E. Cheese’s videos for kids. They’re more than just fun videos to watch. They’re a great way for your kids to interact with friends and get their groove on—at home or on the go! Our full online playlists give hours of easy-to-access excitement with video songs featuring Chuck E. and all his friends.

Chuck E. Cheese Music Videos

Now you can sing AND dance along with the entire Chuck E. crew! Find your favorite music videos and get the dance party started!

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Chuck E. Cheese Videos For Kids

Join in on the fun and adventure with these video shorts featuring Chuck E. and all his friends!

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Chuck E. Songs

Take a fun break with Chuck E. and friends. Check out all your favorite songs online and sing along with the whole gang—anytime, anywhere!

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Chuck E. Dance Videos & Video Shorts

Sing and dance along with funny Chuck E. Cheese videos. Watch our online videos to learn all the words or steps, then come to Chuck E. Cheese's with your kids to belt it out, bust a move and show off your new song and dance talents. There’s tons of new games, songs, and dances in these awesome free videos!