Turning Fun into Funds ... One Event at a Time

Fundraise Like the Best of Them at Our Kids Restaurant

While fundraisers at restaurants are a great way to raise money for a non-profit, the Chuck E. Cheese experience is unlike any other. With a kid-friendly menu, the coolest mouse in town, and amusement arcade games, where else can kids enjoy endless eating, singing and playing?! The exciting part is for every kid who attends your Chuck E. Cheese fundraiser, another kid at your children’s charity, youth scouts or religious youth group wins.


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Let’s Get FUNdraising!

That’s a lot of cheese!

Thanks to organizations like yours hosting fundraising events at our fun centers, we’ve given to non-profits and schools in your community and across the country. Add your name to the list!

How Fundraising Works at Chuck E. Cheese’s

Who knew fundraising for a good cause could be all fun and games? At Chuck E. Cheese’s it can! Planning an event at our restaurant is easy from start to finish. Plus, since we understand our success in the community is dependent on yours, we’re here to help every step of the way.

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What to Expect

  • donation to your cause

  • Materials to promote your event

  • Donation check within 14 business days after the date of your event

Did You Know?

We love helping schools raise money, too! If you’re looking to generate funds for extracurricular activities, field trips or sports teams, look no further than Chuck E. Cheese’s—where fun and learning opportunities begin at the center of play.

Take Your Event Up a Notch with These Unique Ideas for Non-Profit Fundraisers

There’s a reason charitable organizations have sought out restaurants that help fundraise—they work! Forget car washes that require hours of cleaning vehicles, or candy bar and gift wrap sales that make you go door to door. Invite potential donors to a night of all-around fun at Chuck E. Cheese’s, whether it’s through a quick email or Facebook event.

Be sure to promote the awesome pizza and play deals that will be missed by those not in attendance. And feel free to make the night your own. Adding unique gear like t-shirts or encouraging game competitions at your next fundraiser can be an awesome addition to the event.

Don’t Know Where to Start? Here Are Some Tips on How to Make Your Non-Profit Fundraiser a Success!

Kids team at table eating pizza

Round Up a Solid, Engaged Volunteer Base

If you’re passionate about your cause, it’s likely it won’t take much to generate that same passion among others. But there’s no need to go it alone! Gather other volunteers from your non-profit, including board members, to help get the word out. Even have your kids (and theirs) promote the event to classmates, youth groups or sports team members.

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Pick a Catchy Name

One of the key ways to raise more funds for your organization is to give your event a compelling name that helps you tell your story about who you are and what you’re hoping to accomplish. To make it easy to remember and reference, keep it succinct. We also recommend choosing kid-friendly event names that rhyme, are a play on words or use alliteration.

Hands placed on top of each other
Kids with their hands in the middle

Know Your Audience and Tailor Your Message to Them

While you can send out bulk invites to everyone you know—and maybe they’d all be interested—it’s best to speak to those most likely to attend. Gather a list of those who support your cause or have kids who’d love a night of family fun. You can even send out different communications, one that speaks to the pizza lover, another to gamers and another to the philanthropist

Family eating pizza with table full of tickets

Choose a Realistic Fundraising Goal

When Chuck E. Cheese’s helps you host a fundraising night devoted to your organization, you want to make it count. So do we! Think big and pick a goal that challenges you, but don’t overdo it. Try including your fundraising goal in invites and promotional materials to hold you and donors accountable for reaching your target, together!

Family eating pizza with table full of tickets
Coins in a jar

Follow Up with Donors Afterwards

Those that helped you raise funds are going to want to know how your event went—and how they helped contribute to your worthy cause. It’s important you build a strong relationship with donors and connect on a personal level, especially for future fundraisers. Consider including how the money they spent contributed to a specific number of children helped, supplies purchased or educational opportunities realized.

Got more questions on what a fundraiser at our play restaurant entails?